Beyond the Square exhibition

In March 2007 I did a joint photographic exhibition with Heidi Linehan, friend and fellow photographer.  We used a hasselblad to take the photographs and then hand processed and hand printed the images. Below is the press release and the 10 images I took as part of the exhibition.

Press Release:

Adelaide photographers Heidi Linehan and Jane Horton bring their shared wealth of professional and artistic experiences to a uniquely South Australian photographic exhibition.

A showcase of SA life, the “Beyond the Square” exhibition highlights the people behind some of SA’s well loved icons. It shows a positive image of the people of South Australia, the way we are, and how great our state is.

Twenty images depict the different individuals that live in SA; well-loved icons such as the tram at Victor Harbor, Balfours Frog Cake, a Barossa Valley winery and Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee.

The black and white images are hand printed using traditional printing methods, which gives added artistic appeal and emphasis on quality.  Each image is beautifully presented, suitable for display in almost any setting, whether it be a home, office or gallery.

Judy Potter, CEO of SA Great, and Chair of the Adelaide Fringe, will open the exhibition on 2 March 2007.

“Beyond the Square is a great exhibition profiling the people behind our State’s icons. It is a celebration of South Australian culture and achievements which is very relevant to me. I am thrilled to be opening the exhibition.”

The exhibition will be held in the foyer, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Hindley Street, Adelaide.


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