butcher, baker, pizza-maker… exhibition

Press Release (March 2007)

The photographic exhibition “butcher, baker, pizza maker…” is a documentation of people and place in the Adelaide Hills.  The exhibition highlights the well-known faces in the local hills area, including Piccadilly, Crafers, Stirling, Aldgate, Mylor, Heathfield and Bridgewater.

Giving an insight into the people who work in our community, the project showcases 36 individuals including the butcher, dentist, hairdresser, realtor, mechanic, greengrocer, coach, teacher, vet, baker, bus driver, doctor, fireman, florist and more.

As well as showcasing the quality of life in the hills community, the project is a working life documentation of historical value.

Photographer Jane Horton says, “Our community is made up of a diverse range of people – some we know well, others we know their face but not their name, and others we have heard of but don’t know what they look like.

I was keen to make a social documentation of some of these wonderful people in our community.  A number of our best known faces have retired or moved out of the area so I felt it was important to capture our current identities.

The exhibition is currently showing at the Aldgate Café. Plans have been made in association with the Royal District Nursing Society (RDNS) to publish a 2008 calendar of the local identities and will be distributed for sale throughout the hills.  All proceeds of the sale of the calendar will be donated by the photographer to the RDNS.

Press Release (November 2007)

Using images from her successful photographic exhibition ‘butcher, baker, pizza-maker…’ Adelaide Hills photographer Jane Horton has produced a calendar for 2008.  All proceeds from the sale of this calendar go to raise much needed funds for the Royal District Nursing Service.

Bill Taylor, CEO, Royal District Nursing Service says:

People like Jane Horton are rare in our society – she has never forgotten the support she received from RDNS nurses over 20 years ago and has now put her talent and considerable effort into producing this charming calendar.

Just as we were happy to be able to assist Jane and her family, we continue to assist over 1,500 people every day, and have done so since 1894.

Community support is vital for us to continue to provide the essential nursing care that comforts people who are dying, chronically ill or just out of hospital, and allows them to be professionally looked after in their own homes.

Sales of this calendar will provide very welcome funds to support the extraordinary work of our nurses.

Major sponsor of the calendar, Andrew Thomas says:

“I am proud to sponsor this fundraising initiative for The Royal District Nursing Service of South Australia. Jane has captured some of our terrific characters with her warm and personal photographs. This calendar provides a tangible avenue of helping fund the work of the RDNS and of informing our community of their invaluable service.

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